References for TeX and Friends

What is it?

  • This is an ongoing project with the aim of providing a help file for LaTeX (and its friends like ConTeXt, Metapost, Metafont, etc.) using a state-of-the-art source format, aka DocBook/XML.

  • Any additions to this Reference should only be made to the DocBook source file.

  • Various output formats can already be generated out of this source file. More formats to come. Anybody is encouraged to write a converter for his own desired output format. Because the source file is XML, the easiest way might be to use XSLT.

  • Anybody interested in contributing to this project should contact the authors.


  • Provide conversion to Texinfo (any volunteers?)
  • Provide conversion to vim-help (any volunteers?)
  • Proofread content (English native speakers welcome)

New in V0.4.1

  • Removed obsolete file still referenced in Makefile (no visible changes)


  • 2012-02-03: V0.4.1 released
  • 2002-06-21: first public announcement
  • 2002-05-25: project started

Available Formats


You can reach the author by email: