1.2. beamer

1.2.1 General Description
1.2.2 Requirements
1.2.3 Homepage
1.2.4 Copyright and License

1.2.1. General Description

beamer -- A LaTeX class to produce beamer presentations Example

Example 1.2. beamer example



\title{Example Presentation Created with the Beamer Package}
\author{Till Tantau}




\subsection{Overview of the Beamer Class}
  \frametitle{Features of the Beamer Class}

  \item<1-> Normal LaTeX class.
  \item<2-> Easy overlays.
  \item<3-> No external programs needed.      

See Figure 1.2, “beamer example: title page in Acrobat Reader”.

Figure 1.2. beamer example: title page in Acrobat Reader

beamer example: title page in Acrobat Reader

1.2.2. Requirements Mandatory

Working LaTeX installation.

pgf LaTeX Portable Graphics Format

1.2.3. Homepage


http://sourceforge.net/projects/latex-beamer (last time checked: 2009-04-24)

1.2.4. Copyright and License

Copyright 2003 by Till Tantau