4.5. elpres

4.5.1 General Description
4.5.2 Requirements
4.5.3 Homepage
4.5.4 Copyright and License

4.5.1. General Description

Elpres is a simple class for writing presentations to be shown on screen or beamer. It is derived from LaTeX's article class. Example

Example 4.1. elpres Example





\begin{center} \Huge
 \bfseries \textcolor{blue}{Title of a presentation written with the \\
    \texttt{elpres} class}


The first page

  \item One
  \item Two

  \item the first enumerated item
  \item the second enumerated item

  \item [One] described item
  \item [Another] described item


The second page


4.5.2. Requirements

fancyhdr and geometry.

4.5.3. Homepage

http://freenet-homepage.de/vkiefel/elpres.html (last checked: 2010-03-27)

4.5.4. Copyright and License

Copyright 2004 Volker Kiefel