1.4. HA-prosper

1.4.1 General Description
1.4.2 Requirements
1.4.3 Homepage
1.4.4 Copyright and License

1.4.1. General Description

HA-prosper is based on the prosper class but adds a lot new possibilities and implements some bug fixes for prosper. The main features of HA-prosper are the automatically generated table of contents, portrait slides support and the possibility to include notes in your presentation. But there are a lot more features which are described in full detail in the manual. Example

Example 1.4. HA-prosper Example


\title{Introduction to the HA-prosper package}
\subtitle{A package for use with prosper}
\author{Hendri Adriaens\\

\LeftFoot{\href{http://center.uvt.nl/phd_stud/adriaens}{Hendri Adriaens}, \today}
\RightFoot{Introduction to the HA-prosper package}




  \item Welcome to the introduction of the HA-prosper package.
  \item The main features of HA-prosper are:
    \item table of contents;
    \item portrait slides support;
    \item notes;
    \item prosper bug solutions.


See Figure 1.4, “HA-prosper example: titlepage slide”, Figure 1.5, “HA-prosper example: introduction slide”, and Figure 1.6, “HA-prosper example: welcome slide”.

Figure 1.4. HA-prosper example: titlepage slide

HA-prosper example: titlepage slide

Figure 1.5. HA-prosper example: introduction slide

HA-prosper example: introduction slide

Figure 1.6. HA-prosper example: welcome slide

HA-prosper example: welcome slide

1.4.2. Requirements Mandatory

keyval, xcomment, verbatim

1.4.3. Homepage


HA-prosper is available on CTAN (http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/entries/ha-prosper.html) and in MiKTeX (http://www.miktex.org).

1.4.4. Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2003 by Hendri Adriaens