1.5. ifmslide

1.5.1 General Description
1.5.2 Requirements
1.5.3 Homepage
1.5.4 Copyright and License

1.5.1. General Description

ifmslide provides both: getting a presentation with pdfLaTeX and printouts with LaTeX and - as a side effect - simple production of your slides using your favourite DVI-viewer. You don't need PPower4 to get all these nice effects with page-transitions and stepwise building of the pages. All you need is TeXPower and hyperref.sty for the links and buttons etc. ifmslide makes use of the special features of the classes seminar and powersem (part of TeXPower). Example

Example 1.5. ifmslide Example




      {\mdseries ifmslide Example}\\[1ex]
      Enhanced presentations with (PDF)\LaTeX{}\\
      combining the TeXPower, hyperref and seminar-packages\\

\author{\scalebox{1}[1.3]{Michael Wiedmann}}




See Figure 1.7, “ifmslide example: title page in Acrobat Reader”.

Figure 1.7. ifmslide example: title page in Acrobat Reader

ifmslide example: title page in Acrobat Reader

1.5.2. Requirements Mandatory



1.5.3. Homepage

http://www.solmech.tu-darmstadt.de/user/emmel/ (last time checked: 2009-04-26)

1.5.4. Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2000 by Thomas Emmel


The bundle is placed under the LaTeX Project 
Public License (macros/latex/base/lppl.txt on CTAN).