1.6. Ipe

1.6.1 General Description
1.6.2 Requirements
1.6.3 Homepage
1.6.4 Copyright and License


The content of this section is heavily based on the contribution of Jan Hlavacek.

1.6.1. General Description

IPE is a vector graphics editor integrated with pdflatex, with strong support for creating multi-page incerementally built pdf presentations. It uses pdflatex to typeset text elements and math formulas on the page. It is especially useful if your presentation has a lot of graphics or if you desire a complete control over the location of your text elements on the page. Example

Example 1.6. IPE xml file

<ipe version="60020" creator="Ipe 6.0 preview 20" media="0 0 800 600">
<info created="D:20041029041427" modified="D:20041029042906" title="Sample IPE Presentation" author="Egon Ipse" subject="IPE presentation" keywords="IPE, pdflatex, screen presentation" pagemode="fullscreen"/>
<ipestyle name="presentation">
<linewidth name="normal" value="1.2"/>
<linewidth name="heavier" value="2.4"/>
<linewidth name="fat" value="3.6"/>
<linewidth name="ultrafat" value="6"/>
<text stroke="black" pos="232 264" type="label" width="17.85" height="20.778" depth="5.79" valign="bottom" transformable="yes" size="normal">$f$</text>
<text stroke="black" pos="416 212" type="minipage" width="352" height="20.778" depth="5.79" valign="top" transformable="yes" size="normal">This line will get an arrow</text>
<mark layer="delta" stroke="black" pos="96 320" shape="2" size="large"/>

Figure 1.8. IPE example

IPE example

1.6.2. Requirements Mandatory

  • PdfLaTeX

  • Qt 2.3.0 or higher

  • Unix, OS X or Windows Optional

URW Postscript fonts

1.6.3. Homepage

Ipe (last time checked: 2009-04-24)

1.6.4. Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 1993 - 2004 Otfried Cheong