4.15. Lecturer

4.15.1 General Description
4.15.2 Requirements
4.15.3 Homepage
4.15.4 Copyright and License

4.15.1. General Description

The package creates slides for on-screen presentations based on PDF features without manipulating TeX’s typesetting process. The presentation flow relies on PDF’s abilities to display content step by step.

Its main features are maximum control of what's going on and thus flexibility (unlike e.g. Beamer) and use of PDF layers, and it works with all formats, except ConTeXt IV (clashes in PDF management).

4.15.2. Requirements

texapi and yax

4.15.3. Homepage

http://tug.ctan.org/cgi-bin/ctanPackageInformation.py?id=lecturer (last checked: 2010-09-19)

4.15.4. Copyright and License

Copyright (C) 2010, Paul Isambert