3.3. mgp - MagicPoint

3.3.1 General Description
3.3.2 Requirements
3.3.3 Homepage
3.3.4 Copyright and License
3.3.5 Special Notes

3.3.1. General Description

Magic Point is an X11 based presentation tool. It is designed to make simple presentations easy while to make complicated presentations possible. Its presentation file (whose suffix is typically .mgp) is just text so that you can create presentation files quickly with your favorite editor (e.g. Emacs, vi). Example

Example 3.3. mgp Example

%include "default.mgp"
%deffont "standard" tfont "Apgabk.TTF"
%deffont "standard" tfont "trebuc.ttf"
%deffont "standard" tfont "Ressurec.ttf"
%font "standard"
%back "white"

%image "openl2.ppm"
%size 2, fore "black"

%font "standard"

%size 5, fore "black"
 Die Debian Geschichte:
%image "logo-50.jpg", image "debian.jpg"

%left, size 4, fore "black"
    · Projektstart durch Ian Murdock und andere im August 1993
      (Version 0.01...0.90)

    · in dieser Zeit gab es nur eine Handvoll Entwickler

    · Die offiziellen Versionen: 
%size 3

            - v1.1 ("buzz"): Juni 1996 (474 Pakete)

            - v1.2 ("rex"): Dezember 1996 (848 Pakete)

            - v1.3 ("bo"): Juli 1997 (974 Pakete)

            - v2.0 ("hamm"): Juli 1998 (>1500 Pakete)

            - v2.1 ("slink"): März 1999 (~2250 Pakete)

            - v2.2 ("potato"): August 2000 (>4000 Pakete)
            - v2.2 r2 ("potato"): Dezember 2000 (>4000 Pakete)

            - v2.3 ("woody"): ??? (bisher fast 6200 Pakete)

See Figure 3.1, “mgp example in Acrobat Reader”.

Figure 3.1. mgp example in Acrobat Reader

mgp example in Acrobat Reader

3.3.2. Requirements

Nothing special.

3.3.3. Homepage

http://www.mew.org/mgp/ (last time checked: not available as of 2009-04-23)

3.3.4. Copyright and License

Copyright (C) 1997 and 1998 WIDE Project.

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with 
or without modification, are permitted provided that the 
following conditions are met:
1. Redistributions of source code must retain the 
   above copyright notice, this list of conditions 
   and the following disclaimer.
2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the  
   above copyright notice, this list of conditions 
   and the following disclaimer in the documentation 
   and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
3. Neither the name of the project nor the names of its 
   contributors may be used to endorse or promote 
   products derived from this software without specific
   prior written permission.

3.3.5. Special Notes

See http://puchol.com/cpg/software/mgp/ for some examples of templates for mgp.