Chapter 3. Other Solutions

Table of Contents

3.1 DFBPoint
3.2 mechapoint
3.3 mgp - MagicPoint

This chapter lists tools which generate output formats other than PDF and/or HTML.

3.1. DFBPoint

3.1.1. General Description

DFBPoint is a simple presentation viewer that uses the DirectFB graphics library to draw to the Linux framebuffer

The presentation is defined in an XML file (as described below) and refers to external data (images, fonts) via relative or absolute filenames. Relative filenames are interpreted relative to the directory the XML file lives. Example

Example 3.1. DFBPoint Example

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-1'?>

<slides bgcolor="#222266" fgcolor="#9999FF"
        face="decker.ttf" size="42"
        x="40" y="40"
        screen_width="1024" screen_height="768">

    <header fgcolor="#ff00cc" size="96">DFBPoint</header>
    <text>DFBPoint is a slide viewer for presentations</text>
    <text>Slides are defined in a simple XML syntax</text>
    <text>DirectFB is used for fast rendering</text>

   <slide bgcolor="#333333" fgcolor="#0033cc">
    <header fgcolor="#ff00cc" size="80">DFBPoint</header>
    <text>Foreground and background colors can be set</text>
    <text fgcolor="#22FF22">per slide or per line</text>
    <text>Various font encodings are supported.</text>
    <text>Here are some strange letters: ÄÖÜäöüß</text>

  <slide bgimage="bg.png">
    <header fgcolor="#ff00cc" size="80">DFBPoint</header>
    <text>Supports background images</text>
    <text>and arbitrarily placed images or videos</text>
    <image x="20" y="300">wilber_stoned.png</image>
    <image x="200" y="300" width="400">wilber_stoned.png</image>

  <slide effect="slide top" bgimage="bg.png">
    <header fgcolor="#220066" size="80">Effects</header>
    <text>Slides can slide in ...</text>

  <slide effect="slide bottom left" bgimage="bg.png">
    <header fgcolor="#220066" size="80">Effects</header>
    <text>... from all directions ...</text>

  <slide effect="blend" bgimage="bg.png">
    <header fgcolor="#220066" size="80">Effects</header>
    <text>... or fade in ...</text>

  <slide effect="slide top right, blend">
    <header fgcolor="#ff00cc" size="80">Effects</header>
    <text>... or both.</text>

  <slide bgimage="bg.png">
    <header fgcolor="#ff00cc" size="80">Actions</header>
    <text>Commands can be bound to function keys</text>
    <listitem size="60">Press F1 to start df_neo</listitem>
    <listitem size="60">Press F2 to start df_andi</listitem>
    <action key="F1">df_neo</action>
    <action key="F2">df_andi</action>


3.1.2. Requirements Mandatory

  • Linux with framebuffer device

  • DirectFB version 0.9.11 or newer

  • GLib version 2.0.0 or newer

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3.1.4. Copyright and License

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