4.23. Pointless

4.23.1 General Description
4.23.2 Requirements
4.23.3 Homepage
4.23.4 Copyright and License

4.23.1. General Description

Pointless is a presentation tool primarily targeted at the un*x world. Presentations are made using a simple markup-language (best described as a mix between TeX and Pod, and affectionately known as "The Pointless Language"). The resulting slideshow is rendered using FreeType and OpenGL for optimal visual quality. Hardware accelerated OpenGL is highly recommended but not required in order to run pointless. The pointless tool is designed in an extensible way, allowing the user to make simple presentations with minimal effort, yet providing for more complicated presentations through the inclusion (or, if necessary, coding) of extension modules.

4.23.2. Requirements

4.23.3. Homepage


4.23.4. Copyright and License

Copyright (C) 2002 Peter Andreasen, Christian Tønsberg, Jacob Weismann