4.24. powerdot

4.24.1 General Description
4.24.2 Requirements
4.24.3 Homepage
4.24.4 Copyright and License

4.24.1. General Description

powerdot is a presentation class for LaTeX that allows for the quick and easy development of professional presentations. It comes with many tools that enhance presentations and aid the presenter. Examples are automatic overlays, personal notes and a handout mode. To view a presentation, DVI, PS or PDF output can be used. A powerful template system is available to easily develop new styles. Example

Example 4.2. powerdot Example


  lf=A simple example,
  rf=Hendri Adriaens and Christopher Ellison

\title{A simple example}
\author{Hendri Adriaens \and Christopher Ellison}



\begin{slide}{A simple example}
    \item Overlays \pause
    \item are very \pause
    \item simple


Figure 4.1. powerdot example

powerdot example

4.24.2. Requirements

The list of mandatory packages can be found in the PDF documentation of the powerdot class.

4.24.3. Homepage

http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/powerdot/ (last checked: 2010-03-27)

4.24.4. Copyright and License

Copyright (C) 2005 Hendri Adriaens and Christopher Ellison