1.9. PPower4 - P^4, PDF Presentation Post Processor

1.9.1 General Description
1.9.2 Requirements
1.9.3 Homepage
1.9.4 Copyright and License

1.9.1. General Description

PPower4 is a post processor for LaTeX files to build pages step by step.

PPower4 provides a small LaTeX package (pause.sty) which let's the user insert small coloured spots (using the command \pause) in the PDF file where a break should be make during display. During postprocessing PPower4 removes these coloured chunks and adjusts the page number. This leads to the impression that the same page is displayed step by step.

Additional packages are provided for setting background colours (background.sty) and page transitions (pagetrans.tex) - this actually is a feature of hyperref.sty and can be used with any LaTeX based solution. Example

Example 1.8. PPower4 Example

% example for PDF pagetransition


\item item 1\pause
\item item 2\pause
\item item 3\pause


1.9.2. Requirements Mandatory

JVM or JRE (Java 1.1.6, 1.2; Kaffe >= 1.0.5) Optional


1.9.3. Homepage


1.9.4. Copyright and License