Preparing a presentation usually means creating some sort of slides. The more LCD projectors get common in working environments, the more comes to mind creating such presentation material as a screen version, which can be viewed using a LCD projector or at least a computer screen. As a side effect such presentations can usually easily be presented on a website.

This document tries to show some possible solutions for creating screen based presentations. Most of the listed solutions are LaTeX-based because I personally prefer LaTeX - and derived tools - over other documentation systems. So called Office Solutions are not listed.

This list for sure is far from being complete. If you know of any other solution please let me know so that I can include it in this document. Contributions are very welcome.

The presented solutions are divided in three groups: PDF Based Solutions, HTML Based Solutions, and Other Solutions. In case a specific solution would fit in more than one group, I tried to choose the most appropriate one. An additional chapter Todo lists all the tools which I haven't had time yet to look at. The chapter Hints and Tricks will list interesting hints and tricks for creating presentations.

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