1.12. ReportLab / PythonPoint

1.12.1 General Description
1.12.2 Requirements
1.12.3 Homepage
1.12.4 Copyright and License

1.12.1. General Description

PythonPoint is a demo application of the ReportLab toolkit, a Python library for creating PDF documents. It uses an XML source format which gets converted directly to PDF output.

An experimental DTD (Document Type Definition) is available from the author of this document. It can be used to validate your source file using an XML parser. Example

Example 1.11. PythonPoint Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" standalone="no" ?> 
<!DOCTYPE presentation SYSTEM "pythonpoint.dtd"> 

<presentation filename='reportlab.pdf'>
 <title>PythonPoint Example</title>
 <author>Michael Wiedmann</author>
 <subject>Reportlab Pythonpoint Example</subject>

 <section name = 'Main'>
  <rectangle x="20" y="20" width="96" height="555" fill="(0,0,0.8)"/>
  <fixedimage  x="20" y="510" width="96" height="64" 
  <infostring align="right" x="800" y= "36" size="14" >
   &#187;%(title)s, page %(page)s&#171;
  <slide id="Slide001" title="Introduction" effectname='Wipe'>
   <frame x="120" y="72" width="700" height="468" 
          leftmargin="36" rightmargin="36">
    <para style='Heading1'>Welcome to PythonPoint</para>
    <para style='BodyText'>...a library for creating presentation 
    <para style='BodyText'>
     <i>PythonPoint</i> lets you create attractive and consistent 
     presentation slides on any platform.  It is a demo app built 
     on top of the PDFgen PDF library and the PLATYPUS Page Layout
     library. Essentially, it converts slides in an XML format to PDF.
    <para style='BodyText'>It can be used right now to create 
     slide shows, but will undoubtedly change and evolve. Read on 
     for a tutorial...

See Figure 1.13, “PythonPoint example: page in Acrobat Reader”.

Figure 1.13. PythonPoint example: page in Acrobat Reader

PythonPoint example: page in Acrobat Reader

1.12.2. Requirements Mandatory

Python 1.5X

1.12.3. Homepage

ReportLab (last time checked: 2009-04-24) Additional Links

The experimental DTD can be found at: http://www.miwie.org/pythonpoint/

1.12.4. Copyright and License

Copyright ReportLab Inc. 2000

ReportLab Public License Version 1.0

Except for the change of names the spirit and intention 
            of this license is the same as that of Python.