1.11. rayslides

1.11.1 General Description
1.11.2 Requirements
1.11.3 Homepage
1.11.4 Copyright and License

1.11.1. General Description

RaySlides macros provide LaTeX2e commands for making overhead slides (transparencies) within the article style. The underlying philosophy for these commands recognizes both the resources of the article style for slide preparation as well as the practical inconvenience of accesing these resources for overhead slides. Consequently, RaySlides simply supplements the article style with macros specialized for designing and formatting slides. This approach retains the commands and familiarity of the article style while providing an interface for slides. Example

Example 1.10. RaySlides Example


   {\LARGE\emph{\rayslides\ Macros: \\ Summary}}

    \textrm{\copyright}\ R.A. McKendall 1994,1998\\ University of Pennsylvania}
   {\jobname.tex\\ rayslides.sty}


\newcommand  {\cs}  [1] {\textmd{\texttt{\string#1}}}
\renewcommand{\arg} [1] {\textmd{\texttt{\{#1\}}}} % required  argument

\begin {document}

%--- Slide 1 ---

   {\rayslides \\ \LaTeXe{} Macros for Overhead Slides \\
    \texttt{rayslides.sty (2.0)}}
   {Raymond A McKendall}
   {Computer and Information Science \\ University of Pennsylvania \\ 
    Philadelphia, PA}
   {Summary Manual \\ June 1998}

%--- Slide 2 ---


   Use \rayslides\ package to make overhead slides 
   (transparencies) within \LaTeXe's article class:

   Read this manual\footnote{%
   for a summary of the main macros.
   Read the \LaTeX\ source for examples.

   Read the user's guide\footnote{%
   for a complete description of the macros.

%--- Slide 3 ---

\newslide{Page Layout}

\begin{point}{Horizontal layout}
    Left margin. Body. Right margin.

\begin{pointNlist}{Vertical layout}
   \item Top margin -- empty space along top of page
   \item Head -- runner along top of page
   \item Top separation -- space between head and body
   \item Body -- main contents of slide 
   \item Bottom separation -- space between body and foot
   \item Foot -- runner along bottom of  page
   \item Bottom margin -- empty space along bottom of page


See Figure 1.11, “rayslides example: title page” and Figure 1.12, “rayslides example: second page”.

Figure 1.11. rayslides example: title page

rayslides example: title page

Figure 1.12. rayslides example: second page

rayslides example: second page

1.11.2. Requirements Mandatory

LaTeX2e Optional

pdfTeX for PDF output.

1.11.3. Homepage

http://homel.vsb.cz/~rad79/?C=N;O=D (last time checked: 2009-04-26)

1.11.4. Copyright and License

Copyright 1998 by Raymond A. McKendall