1.13. seminar

1.13.1 General Description
1.13.2 Requirements
1.13.3 Homepage
1.13.4 Copyright and License

1.13.1. General Description


1.13.2. Requirements Mandatory

Working LaTeX installation. Optional

pdfTeX for PDF output.

latex2html for HTML output. Additionals

PDF Seminar is a simple style file designed for seminar presentations. It provides pop-up menus for page selections and for basic navigation (such as next page, previous page etc.). All of the menus are built on PDF forms and thus the package is suitable for use only with PDF viewers than can handle PDF forms (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).

1.13.3. Homepage


1.13.4. Copyright and License

COPYRIGHT 1993, by Timothy Van Zandt, tvz@Princeton.EDU

Copying of part or all of any file in the seminar.sty 
package is allowed under the following conditions only:
(1) You may freely distribute unchanged copies of the
    files. Please include the documentation when you do so.
(2) You may modify a renamed copy of any file, but only
    for personal use or use within an organization.
(3) You may copy fragments from the files, for personal
    use or for use in a macro package for distribution, 
    as long as credit is given where credit is due.