4.34. Slide40

4.34.1 General Description
4.34.2 Requirements
4.34.3 Homepage
4.34.4 Copyright and License

4.34.1. General Description

Slide40 is a program for displaying slide presentations in a style inspired by the personal computers of the late 1970's. The display mimics a TV screen showing only 40 columns of text in an all-caps font built from big blocky fuzzy pixels. I created it partly as a joke, and partly as a minimalist artistic reaction to the highly-decorative but meaningless presentations made by abusers of modern presentation software. Example

Figure 4.2. Slide40 example output

Slide40 example output

4.34.2. Requirements

Java runtime environment

4.34.3. Homepage

http://alum.wpi.edu/~tfraser/Software/Slide40/index.html (last checked: 2010-03-28)

4.34.4. Copyright and License

Copyright (C) 2007 Timothy Jon Fraser

GPL v3