4.9. HTML Slidy

4.9.1 General Description
4.9.2 Requirements
4.9.3 Homepage
4.9.4 Copyright and License

4.9.1. General Description

This slide show can be driven in the same way as Power Point. To advance to the next slide click anywhere on the page with the mouse, or press the space bar. You can move forwards or backwards through the slides with the Cursor left, Cursor right, Pg Up and Pg Dn keys. The font size is automatically adjusted to match the browser's window width, but you can also adjust it manually using the "S" key for smaller and the "B" key for bigger. You can also use the "<" and ">" keys. Before printing, use the "A" key to toggle between current slide and all slides. Use the "F" key to switch off/on the bottom status line. The "K" key toggles the use of mouse click to advance to the next slide. You can use "C" to show the table of contents and any other key to hide it. Use the "F11" key to toggle the browser's full screen mode. Press "H" to get to this page. Note that not all keys are supported in all browsers, as browsers may reserve some keys for browser control and this varies from one browser to the next.

4.9.2. Requirements

4.9.3. Homepage

http://www.w3.org/Talks/Tools/Slidy/ (last checked: 2010-07-27)

4.9.4. Copyright and License

Copyright © 2005 W3C

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