A.3. About this Document

A.3.1 Contributions
A.3.2 Release News

The source format of this document is DocBook XML (V4.3).

Generation of the various output formats use the following toolchains controlled by a Makefile:


xsltproc (libxml2-2.7.6/libxslt-1.1.26) with DocBook XSL Stylesheets (V1.75.2) (customized)


xsltproc (libxml2-2.7.6/libxslt-1.1.26) with DocBook XSL Stylesheets (V1.75.2)

A.3.1. Contributions

Contributions are very welcome! If you know some tool which is not yet covered in this document or want to contribute additional information for an already listed solution please email me your contribution.

A.3.2. Release News

V0.2.8 14-11-09
V0.2.7 12-02-05
V0.2.6 11-06-19
V0.2.5 10-07-27
V0.2.4 10-03-28
  • Updated some URLs; checked most links
V0.2.3 09-07-30
  • Experimental PDF version.
  • Updated some changed links.
  • Added section pandoc.
V.2.2 09-04-24
  • Added section xsw.
  • Added URL last checked information.
  • Updated some changed links.
V0.2.1 09-04-10
V0.2.0 09-03-29
  • ePub output available.
  • Added section Impressive.
V0.1.20 07-12-27
V0.1.19 07-10-27
V0.1.18 07-10-05
  • Added section Slide40
  • Dropped PDF output format
V0.1.17 06-10-03
V0.1.16 05-10-03
V0.1.15 05-09-04
V0.1.14 05-08-06
  • Added section S5.
  • Added section talk.
  • Removed section TextView (which according to it's author is no longer supported).
V0.1.13 05-01-23
V0.1.12 04-11-04
  • Added section IPE.
V0.1.11 04-10-23
V0.1.10 04-09-20
V0.1.9 04-09-02
V0.1.8 04-08-07
  • Added section TPP.
V0.1.7 04-07-30
V0.1.6 04-07-21
  • Added section TextView.
  • Switched to DocBook XML V4.3
V0.1.5 04-06-02
V0.1.4 04-05-21
  • PDF file now optimized/linearized.
  • Added section Orator.
V0.1.3 04-04-19
  • Cleaned up inconsistencies of some names.
V0.1.2 04-04-12
V0.1.1 04-04-10
  • Version control system changed from CVS to SVN.
  • Added section Pyslides.
  • Corrected minor typos.
V0.1.0 04-03-22
  • Source format switched to DocBook XML (V4.3). Using DocBook XSL Stylesheets (V1.75.2), and DB2LaTeX XSL Stylesheets for generating the various output formats.
  • Omitted all sections Pros and Cons.
V0.0.1 01-03-10
  • Initial release.