4.41. talk

4.41.1 General Description
4.41.2 Requirements
4.41.3 Homepage
4.41.4 Copyright and License

4.41.1. General Description

The talk document class allows you to create slides for screen presentations or printing on transparencies. It also allows you to print personal notes for your talk. You can create overlays and display structure information (current section / subsection, table of contents) on your slides. The main feature that distinguishes talk from other presentation classes like beamer or prosper is that it allows the user to define an arbitrary number of slide styles and switch between these styles from slide to slide. This way the slide layout can be adapted to the slide content. For example, the title or contents page of a talk can be given a slightly different layout than the other slides.

4.41.2. Requirements

LaTeX packages: amsmath, graphicx, pgf, multido, hyperref.

4.41.3. Homepage

CTAN:/macros/latex/contrib/talk (last checked: 2010-03-28)

4.41.4. Copyright and License

Copyright 2005 Martin Wiebusch