4.44. Utopia PDF Presentations Bundle

4.44.1 General Description
4.44.2 Requirements
4.44.3 Homepage
4.44.4 Copyright and License

4.44.1. General Description

The Utopia PDF Presentations Bundle provides accessories which facilitate the production of stunning PowerPoint-like presentations from (La)TeX source. The process requires generation of PDF by way of PostScript, as some effects (notably "builds/incremental display") are implemented by post-processing the PostScript generated from TeX.

The heart of the Bundle is two LaTeX packages and the PostScript post-processor; the Bundle also contains documentation, examples and other support materials. (The plain TeX system which formed the foundation for the Bundle is being rewritten to match the new functionalities introduced during development of the LaTeX version; it will be added to the Bundle for the benefit of die-hard plain TeXers sometime in the future.)

4.44.2. Requirements

(La)TeX installation

4.44.3. Homepage


4.44.4. Copyright and License

Copyright 1999-2002 Utopia Precision Typesetting

Propiertary license