4.50. XUL Slideshow Toolkit

4.50.1 General Description
4.50.2 Requirements
4.50.3 Homepage
4.50.4 Copyright and License

4.50.1. General Description

This is a patched version of the Takahashi-method XUL slideshow found at http://piro.sakura.ne.jp. With this tool you can create slideshows in minutes. We use it whenever we have to prepare a talk and have no time at all. We enhanced the basic version with: Better CSS and faded background; Company logo; Full-screen image support; Tranlsated help; Removed japanese-specific fonts

4.50.2. Requirements


4.50.3. Homepage

http://blog.seesaw.it/pages/slideshow(last checked: 2010-03-28)

4.50.4. Copyright and License

Copyright (C) ?